Chris Obdam - founding enterprise no-code platform Betty Blocks & growing to 192 employees

With the ability to run apps with millions of database rows, Betty Blocks is one of the most scalable no-code platforms. David interviews Chris about building for the enterprise.

David Head
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Show Notes

This episode of The No Code & Code Podcast features Chris Obdam, CEO and Co-Founder of Betty Blocks.

Chris starts by giving insight into how and why he and his brother first started Betty Blocks and then dives into how Betty Blocks benefitted from finding its target audience right from the start. He goes into detail about how focusing on their target group of enterprise companies meant honing in on building bigger and more complex applications instead of smaller, more general tools for independent professionals, and how keeping this as the focus helped the company operate at higher efficiency.

Chris also discusses how Betty Blocks was able to combine many essential components to a usable no-code tool, including a drag and drop UI builder, visually linking tables, a workflow diagram, and integrations. In addition, Chris touches on the politics associated with software development, unique capabilities that Betty Blocks has, including flexibility, safety, and optimization, VC-funding in the no-code space, and more.

Chris wraps up the episode by giving his two cents on what he thinks the no-code space will look like in 10 years and discusses how long he thinks it will take before we see a large company built on top of a no-code platform.

You can find Chris on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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