I'm currently available for the following engagements:

Some specific things I can help you with:


Create a free portfolio website like

One of the best ways to win jobs is by creating a killer portfolio website -- whether you're a freelancer, student, or full time employee. This is how you out-compete the FAANG candidates.

Start freelancing full time

I've freelanced at multiple points throughout my career and have built two startups supporting the freelance ecosystem from the ground up. I can help you get started and thrive as a freelancer.

Start picking up side gigs

Sometimes you need some extra income, or a break from the work routine. Side gigs are great for that. I've built two businesses from the ground up to support full time workers getting quick side gigs. I can help you get started.

Start moonlighting

Moonlighting is great for generating extra income, or a break from the traditional work routine. I've personally freelanced for years, and built two businesses that have supported full time employees moonlighting. I can help you get started moonlighting too.

Turn your work into a portfolio item or case study

Sometimes it can be tricky creating portfolio items or case studies if you're not used to it. I've created dozens of portfolio items and case studies for myself and other freelancers and agencies. I can help give you some personalized tips on how to create yours.

Build a Retool app

I can help you build Retool apps in the form of internal tools, as well as MVPs for consumer-facing applications. I've used Retool since 2017 at my startup Sixty, at Lambda School, for VC-backed client companies, and at Laskie.

Build programmatic landing pages for SEO

Programmatic landing pages have the potential to generate millions of free unique visitors over the life of your startup. I led a campaign at Sixty that saw 20-30% WoW growth over many months. I can help you strategize and implement a strategy here.

Migrate from no-code to code

Having a more quicker and effective no-code to code migration plan can save you anywhere from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, based on your scale. I migrated multiple MVPs at my startup and helped Lambda School and other VC-backed startups do the same.

Build a low-code algorithm in Google Sheets

Whether you're trying to do automate matchmaking, or build a way to predict pricing, you may be able to build v1 in a Google Sheet. At my startup, I built an MVP for both of these algorithms in a Google Sheet. I've also consulted for other startups doing the same.

Start or grow an agency business

Agency businesses cost little to start and are great for generating a steady stream of cash. I started one of my own, along with building two VC-backed startup marketplaces supporting agency businesses. I can help you start and grow yours.

Build a marketplace startup

I love marketplace startups. The ability to support hundreds of millions of users through a platform is one of the coolest aspects of the softare revolution. I've built two marketplace startups from the ground up. I can help you launch and grow yours.

Build a startup for freelancers

There are many startups one could build for the hundreds of millions of freelancers across the globe. I've worked as a freelancer for various points in my career, and have built two startups in the space from the ground up. I can help you build yours as well.

Build a no-code MVP

I can help you build your no code MVP to prove your concept, with a scalability plan for when you get traction. I built multiple successful no-code MVPs at my startup, Sixty, that grew to the limits of what the technology could support.

Scale your no-code app

I can help you get more exponential user growth out of your no-code tool. I built multiple no-code MVPs at my startup Sixty, most of which scaled to the limits of the technology. We had to get creative to go further. I've also helped multiple VC-backed startups do the same.

Productize your service

Many times the best way to increase confidence in your target market is to productize your service. I've productized hundreds of services for freelancers and agencies while I was the CEO at Sixty and Head of Marketplace at Laskie.