We needed a stopgap to handle our growing number of requests. I reached out to David Head, who, the last time I saw him, was running one of the most complex Google sheets I imagined existed. He jumped in and within a few days, built a Google Sheet matchmaker that could automatically assign users to matched restaurants. After testing, we launched and quickly saw our daily meals reach 1,000 meals served per day. It worked!
Brent Summers
Help Kitchen
If you want to make your company at least 2x more efficient without increasing headcount or burn, ask this guy to sit within your company for a month or two. David will make sure that he finds every inefficient process and make them super-efficient.
Siong Ong
Member of Technical Staff
David was able to connect me with great software development partners for my new venture. He helped me navigate the hiring process from quotes to expect, articulation of our needs and how to make sure I get the best ROI for my business.
Grace Smith
Executive Director
AgeWell Middle Tennessee
With no hesitation, David Head is a leader, talented designer, and demonstrates all the necessary qualities you want in a team member. I've worked with him for 5 years now, and have seen him successfully build great products, manage team members, and personally consult hundreds of people. I attribute a lot of my recent success to him being my mentor and someone I look up to all these years. He is always willing to help and provide the most value to his colleagues and clients no matter how busy he is. It is clear that he has a passion for technology, and is always striving towards improvement and growth in this field.
Brendan Kennedy
Digital Marketing Director
Alamo Records
David is a visionary that has always shown professionalism, hard-work, and an ability to turn abstract ideas into a reality. I admire his drive to not only succeed, but succeed creatively. Plain and simple: David is an innovator, and any company would be fortunate to have him a team player like this on their squad.
James Darrohn
Chief Executive Officer
Rockin' Blocks
The world would be a much better place if every product leader obsessed over customers the way David does. He does whatever it takes to understand customer problems and is relentless about solving them.
Jayme Hoffman
Newzip (YC W21)
David has a knack for problem solving. I loved working with David because he enjoyed the hunt of solving issues for my team. I always left conversations with David more confident that an actual solution would come from his work and not simply analysis and recommendations. On top of David’s undeniable skill set, he is extremely easy to work with. David had to interface with many cross functional teams on a daily basis and was able to adeptly navigate each teams needs while building impactful solutions. I highly recommend David for his hard earned skills, his excellent communication, and positive attitude he brought to work everyday.
Josh Knell
Director of Instructional Design
Lambda School
David is deeply invested in the no-code space. Anyone that gets to partner with him will find he's not just a booster but an afterburner to your mission.
Brent Anderson
Senior Software Engineer
Lambda School
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