Michael Gill – leading with low-code as a CTO, and making Clutch.io the default tool for frontend development

Michael Gill, CTO at GPS Trackit, uses the low-code tool Clutch for all frontend development. He covers how he convinced his engineering team to take this path, and what was the result.

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Show Notes

In this episode of the No Code & Code podcast, Michael Gill, CTO at GPS Trackit, shares his experience integrating low-code into the code stack at his company - from first getting his engineering team on board, to eventually wanting to use low-code to build out all of the company’s front-end pages.

Michael starts by outlining the issues that his design team faced in communicating their vision to the engineering team. There would often be multiple rounds of back and forth between the two teams as they tried to find common ground between the design and the actual implementation.

He dives into explaining how Clutch, a tool that is like Webflow for building front-end interfaces and exports React code, drastically improved the productivity and connectivity between his teams. Michael highlights how Clutch allows for flexibility in letting teams pick and choose where they want to implement it, such as using Clutch for one page in an app and writing code directly for another. In addition, Michael mentions other perks of Clutch, such as being able to view live updates of when teammates are editing, bringing more standardization to how the code is written, using Github to manage version control, and more.

The episode ends with Michael giving other CTOs a few words of advice regarding integrating no-code into their companies and naming his top no-code feature requests.

You can find Michael on Twitter, and check out his Maker Minions workshop on how to use no-code at your company. You can also find some of the resources mentioned in this episode at the links below:

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