Aug 2018

High Volume Custom CRM

Track 1000's of users' statuses simultaneously
Project Lead:
David Head


Designed to track hundreds of Sixty leads simultaneously from ‘Lead’ stage to ‘Closed’ to ‘Project Complete’. Built because existing CRMs weren’t optimized for freelance marketplaces.


  • Embedded Intercom conversation link for each client user.
  • Contextual notes for each funnel stage, listing which freelancers were involved with the project for our operations lead to reach out to as needed.
  • 10 funnel stages.

My Involvement

  • Developed UI in GSheets for operations team.
  • Wrote SQL queries to sync GSheets with our production Postgres database and our analytics Postgres database connected through Segment.
  • Built tool independently over the course of a week while maintaining other responsibilities.

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