Nov 2018


Show and tell for freelancers and agencies
Project Lead:
David Head


While doing keyword research for SEO, we discovered an opportunity to use existing user data to rank for tens of thousands of longtail queries. We created the Showcase product to capture this organic Google traffic. Searches often included the CMS name, so we piloted Showcase for the Squarespace queries, which has roughly 17k uniques/mo. The idea was it if worked for Squarespace it would work for the hundreds of other similar website builders and SaaS tools which would add up to millions of monthly unique hits.

My Involvement

  • Built prototype independently using Webflow and GSheets within three weeks while maintaining other responsibilities.
  • Mocked up design in Figma.
  • Built prototype front end using Webflow.
  • Marketed to web designers in online communities to get more content and backlinks.
  • Developed v2 front-end using HTML/SASS/Rails/Bootstrap.
  • Setup and monitored SERP rank tracking in using KW Finder and SEM Rush.
  • Wrote formulas to prep data in GSheets for weekly upload to Webflow.
  • Wrote SQL queries to sync production Postgres database to GSheets using Supermetrics plugin.
  • Worked with our engineering team to rebuild backend in Rails once we outgrew prototype stack.


Over four months:

  • Ranked #1 for 17 queries and top 3 for 43 queries.
  • Grew organic Google clicks 30% WoW for 16 weeks on Webflow stack. Rebuilt in Rails then unfortunately decided to stop working on company shortly thereafter. Grew 15% per week for many months afterwards with no maintenance or new development. (See chart below)
  • Average freelancer submitted 67 web design projects from as far back as 15 years ago (8 hour onboarding process).
  • Captured 12% of all long tail query traffic in our pilot market.

Tools and Technologies Used

v1 MVP

  • Google Sheets
  • Webflow
  • Postman
  • Supermetrics

v2 Scalable version

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • Algolia

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