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Building your portfolio throughout your career will help you get work as a freelancer, as well as improve your prospects as a full time employee, and forming a founding team for your startup.

Freelancing is one of the best ways to optimize for lifestyle, provide financial security, as well as prepare for side jobs to keep you stimulated when you take a hiatus or retire.

If you expect you may freelance at any point in your career, it's especially important to start building your portfolio now to break down the work into tiny digestible units.

Building a great portfolio takes effort. You want to showcase each project you worked on. The longer you wait to capture your project details in the form of a case study, the more likely you are to forget details, the harder it will be to get testimonials. It will also just make the overall lift of building your portfolio greater when you actually do start.

I'm giving away this website template for free to help you get started.

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How It Works

Here's how it works to get started:

  1. Inquire with me here.
  2. I'll send you instructions on how to access the template and set up a simple first version to get launched quickly. If you want to hire someone to do it for you, I can help arrange that as well.
  3. When you're ready to start freelancing, feel free to reach out again if you need help getting leads.


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Why is it free? What's the catch.

There's actually no catch here! Building this template for myself is a passion project. One of my missions in life is to help as many people freelance as possible. Letting you use my template here to help you get started takes little-to-no effort on my part, so I'm happy to help!

All I ask is that you keep my attribution text at the bottom of the website. Then others interested in freelancing can get a free site for themselves and know that they can follow me for tips.

How hard will this be to get setup?

If you've built a website before on your own on something like Squarespace or Wordpress, this Webflow template should be straightforward. So hopefully an hour or two in this instance. If you never have but are comfortable learning new technology, then I would budget 3-4 to be on the safe side. If you're not as comfortable with new technology, then 5+ hours.

If you want me to connect you with a web designer to do this for you, then you'd only need to spend about an hour to write an About bio and add a portfolio item to launch the first version.

How much will it cost to hire someone to set this up for me?

I can connect you with trusted freelancers of mine who can do it for $100 or less. They should be able to have it ready for your copy to add in under a week.


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