David Head portrait

Hi, I’m David!

I’m a freelance marketplace builder, web3 devotee, and no-code hacker.

I founded a freelance marketplace called Sixty that I took through Y Combinator in 2017. I helped Lambda School migrate from no-code to code. I helped Laskie go from 0-1 enterprise hiring platform as the first operations hire. Now, I'm decentralizing freelancing at Braintrust.

In my spare time, I’m typically working on side projects, reading, writing, and training jiu jitsu. I've also been quantifying myself since 2018, tracking over 300+ daily data points.

Professional focus

Professionally, I'm focused on building infrastructure for the freelance economy. I care about this for two reasons.

Firstly, my career has mostly revolved around the freelance economy. I started as a freelancer building websites, then built a web agency that hired freelancers called Digify, then founded a marketplace for businesses to hire freelancers that was backed by YC, called Sixty. Today, I’m building a platform for enterprises to hire freelancers called Laskie.

Secondly, the current trend in society is that we're progressively working with more companies throughout our careers. Our grandparents stayed at companies for most or all of their lives. Now professionals change companies every 1-3 years or so. Extrapolating this trend out over the next few decades, I believe it will soon be commonplace for every professional to freelance at various points throughout their career.

To help accelerate that right now, if you're a freelancer or aspiring freelancer, I'm happy to share free advice, as well as letting you clone Head.ai's custom Webflow template for free. If you'd like any of this help, feel free to email me at advice@head.ai!